About Reiki

For those new to Reiki

I thought it would be helpful to explain how energy works and to demystify some of the “woo-woo” related to Reiki.

Reiki is a hands-on gentle relaxation practice used to help balance and calm your body, mind and spirit. The Reiki participant will lay fully clothed on their back and/or stomach on a massage table. Distance Reiki sessions are also available and are just as effective as the in-person sessions. There is a pre-session telephone chat as well as a follow-up via email. The Reiki treatment can be augmented by the recipient who uses essential oils, crystals, meditation, visualizations, mantras (eg; “I am inviting Yavor to work on my higher self”).

Known Layers

(or Visible Mirrors)

Physical [physical body]
Mind [thoughts/instinct/perceptions]

There are layers of self structure that separate us from our inner and outer worlds and distract us from our true nature. Each visible mirror reflects a different layer of our self structure. If we identify with these mirrors, we are distracted from identifying with our true nature. Most people see these reflections and believe that that is who they are. These types of mirrors are the known layers.

Unknown Layers

(or Hidden Mirrors)

Inner Energy [prana]
Imaginal [higher mind or wisdom layer]
Transcendental Bliss [non-dual]

There are also the unknown layers. These layers inform your life, but you don’t see them. Also known as “hidden mirrors”, these actually shape our lives more than the mirrors that can be seen. The unknown layers are unseen because for most people they are not fully illuminated by consciousness. A change on one layer simultaneously affects all layers.

These hidden mirrors can be left in the shadows unless we have a competent guide to help us shed light upon them. This is where Reiki comes in. It works at the unknown levels to illuminate hidden mirrors by raising consciousness. The challenging part of explaining Reiki is that it comes from this unknown place. The effects of Reiki are different for each person. Sometimes its effects are very subtle and don’t come right away. Other times the effects are felt right away.

This higher intelligence knows what is right for you at the time, whatever it may be. The Reiki practitioner is a conduit for this higher intelligence, using their intuition to guide themselves in where to place their hands and in using other tools (e.g., crystals and essential oils).

I look forward to meeting you for an in-person or distance session! You can use the button below to book your session:

My experience of distance and in-person Reiki with Yavor has been profound and enlightening. He seems to have an in depth intuitive knowledge in his Reiki practice. I have felt openings and communication through previously blocked chakras and his curiosity and playfulness is appreciated.


Yavor’s beautiful property in nature creates a peaceful atmosphere for healing. He is incredibly knowledgeable, patient and kind, and tailored his approach to meet my needs.  His welcoming environment and his sessions have made a positive impact on my life. If you’re looking for a skilled Reiki practitioner, I highly recommend his services.


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